Pamela Georgette LMFT, ATR
Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 49929
Registered Art Therapist

"Working Together to Create a Change"

What Is Art Therapy?

The simple description of Art Therapy is using art as an additional tool in the therapeutic setting. 

Art can be used as communication tool between the therapist and the client.  It is often easier to talk about art that has been created than it is to talk about one’s self.

Art is particularly useful if someone has difficulty talking about or even knowing what their challenges are.  Art can often break through the verbal defenses we have spent years perfecting.  

Art engages the right side of the brain, "the creative side" and when combined with traditional "talk therapy" we have begun to engage the "whole brain." 


Pamela Georgette LMFT, ATR 
MFC 49929
(818) 813-1621
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